Twitter Introduces Its “New Timing Is Everything” Insights Tool

Serina Fignole - March 21, 2019

Earlier this month, Twitter introduced a new video analytics tool to help Digital Marketers maximize their video viewership, and increase video watch time and engagement with more actionable data. The tool “Timing Is Everything” will live within Twitter’s Media Studio under the Analytics dropdown. Twitter’s Media Studio is a hub where users can upload and organize videos, images, and GIFs.

“Timing is Everything” displays historical data about when audiences on Twitter tend to consume, watch and engage with video content the most, as shown in the image above. It’s important to note that the chart doesn’t just show when organic followers are watching your videos. Instead, it displays when they are watching any video on Twitter.

Although this tool provides Digital Marketers with actionable insight about the most engaging times of the day or week, we urge you to still post consistently throughout the day to maximize your reach on this social channel.

If you find some of the times recommended by the “Timing is Everything” tool inconvenient, we recommend scheduling these posts/videos in advanced via Twitter’s Media Studio, Hootsuite, or a similar tool.

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