Use Images & Video to Boost Social Media Engagement

Shanine Dorta - June 28, 2016

If you’re experiencing little to no growth in your social media channels, consider revising your strategy to include compelling images and videos.

A study conducted by the CMO Council showed that producing and posting images on social media channels resulted in an increase in engagement. (Just look at the growing success that Instagram and Snapchat are seeing.) Reasons for the boost? Users find these elements to be more fun, evoke emotion and make brands stand out against their competition.

So, if you’re looking to help move your website visitors further along the purchasing funnel, consider the following tips. Keep in mind that producing images just for the sake of changing up your posts may not move the needle. There are important factors that make visual content more successful. These include:

  • Good production quality
  • Interesting storyline
  • Compelling, captivating photography
  • Good timing
  • Relevancy

If you’re interested in exploring this approach by adding photos, videos or other visual content to your social media strategy, but don’t know where to begin, please contact us.

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