You Need An Active Social Media Plan To Convince a Millennial To Buy

Marisa Spiro - July 23, 2015

It is increasingly important to market your products and services on more than just your ecommerce website, no matter how clean the site looks or how easy the shopping cart experience is. If you do not keep up an active social media strategy in tandem with your stellar ecommerce site, you may just be missing out on about 80 million* potential customers. WHO ARE THEY? The entire Millennial generation.

The first thing many millennials do before completing a purchase is check out your activity on popular social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and/or Instagram. What they see here can play a major part in their purchase decision – and yes, the sweeping majority of millennials are looking. Millennials are a crucial audience as this year they are expected to surpass all other generations in population.

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Building a strong social media presence and managing a solid social strategy is a barrier of entry to any business. Customers are visiting social media outlets to confirm that a company is up to date on trends related to what they want to buy. If you are not where these millennials are, then they may not be interested in buying from you.

Social Media Must-Haves

There is no secret sauce for what to do to be successful – you must be unique and true to your corporate brand in order to attract the right buyers. Show millennials who you are and then let them decide if they want to give you their business. Mix in all of the ingredients that make you unique and showcase them across the platforms that you can manage. If millennials think that you are inactive, no matter how great your advertisement is, they will probably find a similar product somewhere else to buy.

Show your true branding through social media channels – share articles and pictures that align with your mission. Write original content that encapsulates who you are and what you stand for. Showcase real employees and actual customers. Millennials want to know you – and then they will buy from you.

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