What’s the Diagnosis

Katherine Bennett - May 1, 2009

If you don’t know by now, Google likes to come up with new tools that continually improve the user experience on AdWords. Google has recently added the “Ad Diagnostic Tool. This tool is valuable because it can quickly help you diagnose the health of the keywords within your individual campaigns and determine whether they are helping your ads show.

It’s very similar to the magnifying glass icon that appears next to individual keywords within an ad group and lets you know how they are performing. The cool part is that the Ads Diagnostic Tool can diagnose all of your keywords at once, based on your choice. A user can choose to diagnose a single keyword, the keywords within a particular ad group or all of the keywords within a campaign. It even gives you the option of selecting a user location. Once you have made your selections, Google does the work.

The diagnosis that Google performs will vary from campaign to campaign and for ad groups within those campaigns. For example: I used the “Ads Diagnostic Tool” for a client and Google showed that for some keywords the ads related to those keywords are only showing occasionally based on the budget. Based on this information I can return to a client and say if these are top keywords that we want to go after, then we need to allocate more budget toward them. For another client, I ran the “Ads Diagnostic Tool” and it showed that several of my keywords had low search volume and that’s why ads weren’t showing. If no one’s looking, then your ads can’t show. Based on this information it can be decided that those keywords should be paused since there is no real benefit. Another option would be to allocate money from that campaign to another campaign that would benefit from extra funds.

The Ads Diagnostic Tool is a good way to see how keywords are performing in relation to your ad copy. It gives the user the flexibility to see what’s going on and to make the necessary adjustments. Have you checked your campaign’s diagnosis?

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