YouTube: How To Achieve Your Business Goals

Khrysti Nazzaro - August 5, 2020

YouTube is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon: It is the second largest search engine (aside from Google itself) and a powerhouse among social media channels for usage and engagement with over 2 Billion logged-in users and 500 hours of video uploaded every minute. And these facts were true even before the Covid-19 Pandemic caused huge spikes in online video consumption. Today, people are turning to YouTube more than ever before in search of “step-by-step” instructions, “how tos”, “with me” videos, and more – YouTube is providing the education, the community, the “live” (virtual) events, and the socialization so many are craving in a physically distant world.

Whether your brand is an active content creator and/or you just want to reach a highly targeted B2B or B2C audience, YouTube’s advertising options are rife with opportunities to achieve your business’s goals without the need for a professional degree in film. Learn how with Google and MoreVisibility on Tuesday, August 18 at 1 p.m. ET. During this dynamic webinar we will explore:

  • Options to reach prospective customers and clients at each stage of their journey on this platform
  • Key performance indicators to measure success from video ads
  • Selecting the right ad format for your business goals
  • And more

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