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August 1 2011

5 Things You Need To Know About the Google +1 Button

by Melanie Wahl

The Google +1 Button was developed by Google as a way for people to recommend products, services, businesses, people, or anything else that may be found on a webpage that they might like.  A website owner or business would add the button to their page or site and a visitor wishing to recommend the page or site to others would click the button when logged into their Google account.  The network of that Google account user would then see that +1 when seeing the page or site come up in search or when visiting the page or site directly.

1. Search results (both paid and unpaid) can include the Google +1 Button. 

2. The URL to be +1’d is identified in one of three ways (in the order that Google checks for the URL): href attribute, rel=”canonical” tag, browser displayed URL.

• The href attribute is in the code placed on your website.
• If for any reason, you copied the code and did not select a href attribute, Google will then check for any indication of your preferred canonical URL.
• If neither of the two above items is present, Google will use the URL as it is displayed in the address bar.  This third method can cause errors due to variables being present in this form of link that would not be present in the canonical version.

3. The Google +1 Button is currently available in over 42 languages.

4. The Google +1 Button comes in 4 sizes (small, medium, standard, and tall) with the option of with or without count (the total number of clicks of the +1 button).

5 Things You Need To Know About the Google +1 Button

5. Google makes it easy to customize your preferred +1 Button code through their Create A Custom +1 Button page.

An example of the Google +1 Button, standard size without count, can be seen on MoreVisibility’s homepage:

5 Things You Need To Know About the Google +1 Button

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July 27 2011

What the +1 Button Means For AdWords PPC Ads

by Anne Garcia

By now I am sure you’ve noticed the new +1 button right after the headline of PPC ads in Google. There is a lot of speculation of how this will impact PPC advertising and how an advertiser can take advantage of this new feature to enhance PPC ad performance.

What the +1 Button Means For AdWords PPC Ads

The +1 button may affect the click-through rate (CTR) and therefore, quality score of an ad, because theoretically, an ad with more +1’s will be clicked on more likely than an ad without any. This would lead to the ad receiving more clicks, a higher CTR and thus, a higher quality score. The advertiser may also benefit from a lower cost-per-click (CPC) due to the high quality score and CTR.

All AdWords ads are automatically opted in to have the +1 displayed, but you can opt out, although, I do not recommend it, as we are still learning about the capabilities of the new Google+ platform and its benefits for paid advertising. What I would recommend is adding the Google +1 button to your website.

Advertisers do not incur any fees when a user +1’s an ad, and it does not count as a click. Google has said that search marketers will have access to information on +1 counts in reporting, but access to reports have not yet been released.

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