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July 30 2008

Web Design Trends and Inspiration

by Jessica Hammer

I am moved to write about design trends by this recent post by Nick La of Web Designer Wall. This well-researched list of 2008’s Design Trends mirrors many of its kind that gather and categorize the types of new styles that we see everyday on the internet. In an ever-changing online world, it is critical for Designers to keep up with the latest technology, news and design trends. Websites become dated in less than five years and we designers must keep pace or be left behind.

But what does that mean to our clients, most of whom do not troll the internet looking for inspiration every day? I do not expect any client to re-design every time a new trend appears, but I think it is crucial in choosing a look and feel to know what you are up against. Knowing where your ideas and tastes lie in the rainbow of website styles will help you gauge whether your new site will fit nicely into what users expect from modern web design, or alienate your users with its antiquation!

This is where a Design trend index comes in handy! The blog poster has scoured the internet, and cataloged their findings. The post is a snapshot of what is happening right now in web design. Whether or not you love every design, you will probably get some great ideas, and see how wide ranging these style trends are! Gathering styles that you like, or can relate to will also help in your re-design; to show your design firm where your tastes lie.

Even if you are not re-designing, you may get some great ideas for some simple updates that will bring your site up to today’s high standards. The least you will get out of researching current design trends will be a pleasurable stroll through beautiful and functional works of modern art!

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