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September 14 2017

A Guide for Writing Ad Copy That Captures Your Audience’s Attention

by Serina Fignole

Figuring out the perfect technique to help your ads stand out can be a huge undertaking. You may not be sure if your headline should focus on what your brand offers or why a user should select it over a competitor. To ensure your ads capture your audience’s attention, follow this 4-step process.

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December 21 2016

6 Tips for Writing Great AdWords Ads

by Shanine Dorta

Writing compelling ad copy can be challenging. Writing compelling ad copy while being limited to a certain number of characters may seem impossible.

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June 2 2016

How to Write Engaging Ad Copy That Stands Out

by Shelby Nousain

Good marketing is about standing out, and standing out is about doing things differently than everyone else. In the world of search engine marketing, one of the biggest opportunities to stand out is by writing engaging ad copy. Let’s take a look at one strategy for writing ad copy that stands out when you’re faced with competitors all using the same messaging.

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