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June 6 2012

Update to Google AdWords Recent Ad Rotation Settings

by Anne Garcia

Last month Google announced that they were updating the ad rotation settings for AdWords campaigns. To clarify, the new ad setting would only rotate ads for a 30-day period, rather than rotate for an indefinite period of time. Google said that AdWords would optimize to show higher performing ads more frequently every time a new ad variation was included.

Due to the number of concerns from advertisers regarding this ad rotation setting change, Google has announced that they are planning to make two changes to the setting. The first change will expand the even rotation period from 30 days to 90 days to give advertisers a longer window for testing new ads. Secondly, if advertisers still wish to have their ads rotate at the same pace indefinitely, Google is going to offer an opt-out of this setting change. Advertisers who wish to opt-out of this setting must complete a form or contact a representative. Google says that if they see a large demand for the opt-out over the next few weeks, they will add an opt-out in the AdWords interface.

The two new updates to the ad rotation setting will go into effect on June 11, 2012. Google strongly believes that updating the ad rotation settings will enable their paid search platform to show higher quality ads to online users and also show better performing ads for their advertisers.

May 8 2012

Google Adds More New Updates to AdWords Campaign Settings

by Anne Garcia

Google AdWords recently announced an update to its Campaign settings for keyword matchings. Now they have said that its ad rotation setting will also change.

Previously, AdWords offered three ad rotation settings: optimize for clicks, optimize for conversions, and rotate evenly.

Below is a screenshot of the old Ad rotation settings:

Google says that starting next week, instead of rotating ad creatives for an indefinite period of time, this setting will only rotate for a 30-day period. After this period, the setting will then optimize to show the ads expected to generate the most clicks. Every time a creative is enabled or edited, the ads in that ad group will rotate evenly for a new period of 30 days.

When this new ad rotation goes into effect next week, ad groups with ads that have not been added or modified in the past 30 days will see this new ad rotation behavior. Otherwise, this new ad rotation change will begin 30 days after your last ad was enabled or edited.

Google says that this change will enable them to provide users with the most relevant ad experience and should help advertisers improve the performance of their accounts.

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