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October 4 2016

5 Marketing Strategies that Niche Businesses Should Be Using

by Angela Glanzman

If you are a marketer or business owner of a highly specialized industry, defining and implementing a targeted and strategic marketing plan is critical. Without the luxury of mass appeal, your niche marketing efforts must attract and engage your unique audience, abandoning the one-size-fits-all models that wastes money and yields minimal return.

Fortunately, the evolution of the digital marketing landscape has generated new and increasingly sophisticated marketing tactics, equipping specialized businesses with the ability to promote their company effectively.

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April 13 2016

The Importance of Impression Share

by Tony Fazzini

When creating a Paid Search Strategy, it’s important to understand several features within an advertising platform to feel confident your campaigns can be successful. One report that is often overlooked is the Impression Share report. This is one of the most valuable reports within the platforms and can help you understand and define, not just your Paid Search Strategy, but your overall SEM Strategy also.

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December 9 2015

Programmatic Advertising: What to Know Before You Get Started

by Lisa Hutt

There’s always a “Next Big Thing” and this year it’s programmatic advertising. Everyone’s talking about its promise, but for many of us it can seem like one big black box fraught with intimidating acronyms like RTB, DSP, SSP and DMP. Just how does it work and what do you need to know before you consider using it. (If you’re not sure what we’re referring to here, check out our post that outlines what programmatic advertising is.)Read More

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