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March 1 2017

How to Use GIFs in Your Ad Campaigns

by Chuck Forbes

Lately quite a few people have been asking about other advertising capabilities on social media beyond images or videos. This question brought me to GIFs, an animated type advertisement that some brands and companies have had recent success with. Facebook started allowing advertisers to use GIFs in their ads by uploading them via the Ads Manager tool. This is exciting news, as it gives advertisers another option to try and capture users – possibly bridging that decision gap between using a photo or a video. Now you can engage your audience with a GIF!

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February 23 2015

Social Media Tracking Metrics: What Should I Be Tracking?

by Lauren Owens

It’s often said that the true value of social media marketing cannot be qualified in dollars and cents. While this is true to an extent, it can be frustrating for marketers and other social media evangelists to “prove” the viability of a company’s social media marketing efforts when “value” cannot be quantified.

Fortunately, you can track the value of your social media marketing efforts so long as you know what to look at. Before you begin, though, it’s important to understand your goal. Specifically, what do you want social media marketing to do for you?

In this post, we look at five of the primary goals of social media marketing, and the metrics you should be monitoring for each of these goals.Read More

October 30 2014

Tips for Engaging Social Media’s Increasingly Mobile Audience

by Lauren Owens

The social audience is increasingly on-the-go. While many marketers think this means smaller screens and bite-sized information, optimizing the social-mobile experience goes way beyond screen size. In this post, we offer tips for creating engaging, channel-specific content with the mobile audience in mind.

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