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June 1 2018

Conversion Probability Report in Google Analytics

by Tony Villanova

Conversion Probability is a new report within Google Analytics. This new Beta report allows you to view your data with the ability to see how probable your users are to convert. Values range from 1-100 which are calculated for each user and values closer to 1 being less likely to convert and values closer to 100 being more likely to convert.

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June 16 2017

What is Cross Domain Tracking and How do I Implement it?

by Tony Villanova

Cross Domain Tracking makes it possible for Google Analytics to connect sessions on two related sites and make it a single session.

How is this beneficial to your company? It allows you to understand how users navigate through your web properties so you’re able to see a complete user journey.

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April 11 2017

How Google Analytics 360 Can Help Real-Time Decisions

by Chuck Forbes

Making changes to your business in real-time is an option that every brand wants at their fingertips. To make those changes, you need supporting data that solidifies your decisions. Google Analytics 360 may not be instant, but it is pretty close! For those who use Google Analytics 360, you have access to fresh data as quickly as every ten minutes. Certainly beating out any 24-48 hour window of your old analytics, 360 may be a good solution for those brands who get a lot of promotion or mention on social media.

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