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February 20 2017

Google APIs

by Jason Brewster

In the world of digital marketing, there is an insatiable thirst for data and reporting. In many cases this means logging into a marketing tool, finding the correct reports, exporting them into your spreadsheet and then finally manipulating the data.

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December 23 2016

Google Analytics Goals VS AdWords Conversion Pixels

by Grant Marlowe

Welcome to the big leagues! The Analytics hot shots! If you are interested in this article it means you are asking yourself some fairly advanced web analytics questions and you should reward yourself with a pat on the back just for reading these lines. What is the difference between using Google Analytics Goals to measure a conversion versus using, let’s say, a Google AdWords Conversion Pixel? Asking this question suggests you are well on the way to becoming an analytics samurai!

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May 11 2016

Using Analytics to Create Content Experiments

by Jason Brewster

The following blog has been written to better educate users about the current Google testing offerings, as well as a technical walk-through of their Google Content Experiments tool.

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