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September 18 2023

An Open Letter to Google Ads Advertisers

by April Nelson

September 18, 2023

An Open letter to Google Ads Advertiser

To me, the most important thing when a Google search takes place is to figure out what the user’s “why” is, the intent behind their query. With decades of experience on the front line of search, a trend I have seen consistently is that digital advertisers want nothing to do with irrelevant impressions of their ads and the wasted dollars that can come along with it.

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July 11 2018

Reboot Your Google Ads & More in This MoreVisibility Webinar Series

by Serina Fignole

In the past, online advertising was simple. Do some keyword research, build a campaign, track your progress and tailor as you go. Today, marketers’ digital advertising options go far beyond traditional keyword search. As a result, Interactive Advertising professionals must be agile, knowledgeable and savvy enough to take advantage of a range of new and emerging digital ad innovations and opportunities.

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June 11 2018

Leveraging Google’s Advertising Platforms to Better Target & Engage Your Audience

by Serina Fignole

Over the past decade, machine learning and artificial intelligence have grown immensely. Due to this, Google’s AdWords and Advertising network have become more predictive and intelligent.

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