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April 30 2015

Mobilegeddon: Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update

by Fiorella Alvarado

At the end of February, Google posted the Finding More Mobile-Friendly Search Results announcement on their Webmaster Central Blog. While the search engine has always made mobile-readiness and easy access of information a priority, it will use mobile-friendliness as a stronger ranking signal than ever before. Google’s goal is to reward websites that are mobile friendly by giving them a “boost.”

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February 12 2015

The Latest Google Knowledge Graph Update May Lead to a Decrease in Traffic for Health Content Publishers

by Charlie Crespo

These days, we all follow the same process when we notice something wrong with our health. Before we decide whether we need to check in with a doctor, we Google whether that sinus congestion is only due to allergies or if it might be a sign of the dreaded flu.

If you’re reading this and saying to yourself, “I never Google health information,” you might be right. According to Google, however, you’re one of the few, as one in 20 Google searches are for health-related details.

If you are a publisher of health related content, this can be very impactful. You may be receiving organic traffic from users who are performing these health-related searches. Read More

November 5 2014

Best Practices’ SEO Is Critical for Success

by Khrysti Nazzaro

I’m continuing to have a lot of conversations about the devastating impact that Google’s Organic algorithm updates have had on the bottom lines of some businesses. It’s disheartening to hear stories of business owners, online marketers, and webmasters who, many without deep understanding (though some clearly knew, or looked the other way, what was going on to attain such high rankings), followed the advice of non-best practices’ SEO specialists and now have previously top-ranking web pages drowning in obscurity beyond page 3 in Google’s Natural Search Results – with traffic falling to below half of what it once was.

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