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August 6 2021

Google Analytics – Goal Flow or Funnel Visualization, Which Is Better?

by Theo Bennett

Funnel visualization is a great method to understand how a user progresses through a structured flow of your site; e.g. a checkout flow that includes “cart”, “billing & shipping ”, “payment”, “review”, “purchase completed, can be visualized to see the drop-off at each step. This is useful for analyzing the user experience and to hypothesize ways to improve throughput in the funnel. In Google Analytics, there are two ways to do this. The legacy report is the Funnel Visualization report and the other is the Goal Flow report. So, which should you use?

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July 1 2020

Goals & Events: What is the difference and how should I use them?

by Tony Villanova

Goals and Events are interactions or conversion points that you tell Google Analytics to record. Although each can act as a conversion point, it may get confusing when to use one or the other. We will explain the difference between Goals and Events as well as when to use one or the other and how to use them together.

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March 11 2019

Google Analytics Expands Automated Insights to Almost All Languages on March 6, 2019

by Matt Crowley

Although “Automated Insights” is not a new tool within the Google Analytics platform, Google continues to invest in its functionality and has now expanded the tool to almost all languages as of March 6, 2019. If you are not familiar with Automated Insights, it is a feature within Google Analytics (part of Google’s overall “Analytics Intelligence”) meant to surface insights and explanations about trends and changes in your data and even some recommendations about what you could consider doing differently. Additionally, these insights are meant to be presented in a conversational manner, rather than just highlighting data points. Ultimately, these insights and recommendations are in line with the larger push by organizations like Google to use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help augment digital marketers and analytics specialists, making them more efficient at their job.

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