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July 3 2018

Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics: What Are They and How Do You Use Them?

by Theo Bennett

In Google Analytics, dimensions are characteristics of the user that visited your site and include things like: browser & version, operating system, campaign, channel, screen resolution, and many, many more.  (Visit the Google reference on dimensions for a complete list.)  While Google Analytics has over 125 (more if you use AdWords and / or Ecommerce) dimensions already baked-in and set for you; users of the free platform can add their own – up to 20.

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April 27 2018

Top 3 Analytics Points From MoreVisibility’s April 10 Workshop with Google

by Serina Fignole

MoreVisibility and Google hosted a live action-packed workshop at the beginning of April. During the workshop, we focused on the latest advertising innovations in AdWords and throughout Google’s network. In addition, speakers explored how to fully close the loop on campaign performance and tap into advanced campaign attribution insights. If you weren’t able to attend, all’s not lost.

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October 30 2017

Dimensions – Building Blocks of Your Reports

by Tony Villanova

With all of the data that Google Analytics (GA) collects, it can be very overwhelming to sort through the information in front of you. One way to make your reports easier to understand or get the information you’re looking for is by utilizing Dimensions. Dimensions allow you to delve into your data by parsing out the information you would like to see.

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