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June 12 2017

3 Reasons to leverage Dashboards in Google Analytics

by Tony Fazzini

Dashboards are a great tool in Google Analytics, but what are the best uses for a Dashboard?

In most cases, dashboards are ideal to build basic reports that you would like to see on an on-going basis.  Here are three reasons why dashboards are a great feature to utilize in Google Analytics:

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June 6 2017

What are Multi-Channel Funnels?

by Tony Villanova

When someone visits your site or completes an action that is known as a conversion. In Google Analytics a conversion is typically credited to the last action that took place.

For example when someone does a Search for your company, or another website Refers to your website, or an Ad was clicked on, those last interactions get the credit for the conversion.

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July 19 2016

Understanding The Google Analytics Navigation Summary Report

by Grant Marlowe

The power of Google Analytics comes in its ability to provide insight into many different avenues. From high-level information such as the total monthly sessions, to detailed data like the number of clicks a specific element on the page received between Monday and Wednesday of last week, Google Analytics can do it all.

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