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July 6 2016

What is Sampling and Why Do I See This In My Google Analytics Reports?

by Tony Fazzini

Since the standard Google Analytics platform is offered at no cost, Google only offers so much processing power and limits the amount of data that is allowed for each view in a Google Analytics account. If your website has a large amount of sessions, you may notice a yellow box at the top right of the report stating that “this reports is based off of x% of total sessions.”

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June 13 2016

Data Studio – An inside look at Google’s New Data Visualization Tool

by Grant Marlowe

The recent announcement of Google Analytics 360 Suite has created quite the buzz in the digital marketing world, and several of the products are not even ready for purchase yet! The product line will aim to satisfy many of the enterprise level needs of the digital marketing world.

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January 7 2016

How to Enable Valuable Reporting in Google Analytics

by Jason Brewster

While Google Analytics offers immense value and enables brands to observe onsite behavior and channel attribution, there are additional, non-standard reports available that can be activated with relative ease. These reports show data for both demographics & interests, and benchmarking behavior.

These features have been available for some time now, but surprisingly few web properties enable them. The first non-standard reports that we will explore are the Demographics reports.Read More

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