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January 15 2018

New Year, New You … New Google Search Console

by Serina Fignole

Earlier this month, Google announced that it will begin to release a new and improved Google Search Console (GSC) globally. The new GSC was rebuilt by using actionable insights from experts and users, and creating an interaction model. This model will guide users through the process of fixing any pending issues.

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September 14 2017

Three Goals of Social Media Marketing and Tips to Tracking Them

by Serina Fignole

Do you have a goal that you’ve been trying to reach with your social media marketing efforts but aren’t sure what metrics to track? Or are you trying to “prove” the viability of your company’s social media marketing?

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October 6 2016

Google Data Studio – It’s Here!

by Natalia Joyce

Analytics can be a hard concept to grasp for marketers, let alone when you are attempting to explain the inner workings of a website to a client. Your analytics team can seem like some sort of marketing geniuses (which essentially they are), being able to decipher data at the drop of a hat, and explore metrics in ways you are still trying to learn. With the release of Google Data Studio, we are able to tap into the analytics genius in all of us.

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