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November 28 2007

The Yellow Pages – A thing of the past?

by MoreVisibility

I can’t remember the last time I reached for an actual yellow pages phone book. Can you? It is typically not for lack of possession. Most households’ receive updated versions at least once or twice a year, although a steadily increasing percentage probably toss them in the trash upon delivery. I think it is in part because most feel a much better experience will occur if a search is done online.

Each of the major search engines today offers a Local Search section on their site, which caters to businesses or stores that have a physical address, as opposed to solely having a web presence. In addition, there are platforms exclusively dedicated to mapping and /or aerial views versus text based directions. Inevitably, all cell phones will be equipped with Mobile Search capabilities, as well. This will provide for a more a visual dimension to streets and landmarks, than you would ever get in a traditional sponsored ad. Just to name a few of the listings currently available:,, and many more.

Bill Gates predicts the end of Yellow Pages, according to a May 2007 article from WebProNews and it is difficult to disagree with his logic. If you are a business with an actual location, Local Search is a cost effective solution to help develop and maintain an online identity in the marketplace.

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