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February 24 2022

Understanding Why Big Data Matters

by Andrew Wetzler

We share data throughout the day, every day, without even noticing it or giving it a second thought. Every time you log on to an account, visit a website, or like a post, you are sharing insights about your preferences and behavior. It is impossible to even wrap your head around how much data is out there. Consider the fact that YouTube has 300+ hours of video uploaded to the site every minute. For businesses, this presents a unique opportunity to harness the power of big data offer a better customer experience, and identify new markets and opportunities.

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January 5 2022

My Top 3 PPC New Year’s Resolutions

by Jill Goldstein

There’s something I just love about a new year. The idea of a fresh start and new beginnings really does energize me personally and professionally. While staying on top of my family’s laundry tops the list of personal goals, I have a list of 3 work related resolutions to keep my PPC campaigns thriving in 2022.

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September 22 2021

Walmart Releases Details About New Advertising Platform

by Chuck Forbes

You did not read the headline wrong. Walmart, the well-known retail chain, unveiled plans that will allow advertisers to use its first-party data for campaigns on a new platform called Walmart DSP. Walmart has built its platform using tech from the software company The Trade Desk, matching their shoppers information and details to categories and targeting options.  

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