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September 22 2021

Walmart Releases Details About New Advertising Platform

by Chuck Forbes

You did not read the headline wrong. Walmart, the well-known retail chain, unveiled plans that will allow advertisers to use its first-party data for campaigns on a new platform called Walmart DSP. Walmart has built its platform using tech from the software company The Trade Desk, matching their shoppers information and details to categories and targeting options.  

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September 17 2021

Gatorade & TikTok Make a Content Marketing ‘Splash’

by Chuck Forbes

It is hard to name a more impactful sports beverage in our lifetime than Gatorade and it is also hard to name a ‘hotter’ social media platform right now, not named TikTok. These two giants embody the summer dream – stay hydrated and create cool content.

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August 9 2021

Facebook to Change How Businesses Can Advertise to Young People

by Jill Goldstein

In late July, Instagram announced changes that they would be making to ensure they are creating an environment that is safe and private for young people. Those changes include:

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