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December 21 2016

6 Tips for Writing Great AdWords Ads

by Shanine Dorta

Writing compelling ad copy can be challenging. Writing compelling ad copy while being limited to a certain number of characters may seem impossible.

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May 5 2016

Malleable Strategy Execution Towards A Defined Goal

by Syreeta Lockett

Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a major goal. Strategies are necessary tools to help pinpoint a path towards the achievement of a goal. There may be times that the initial path selected may not be the only one. Issues could be discovered that changes course and new ideas may arise that would improve the outcome. It is important to remain open to changing strategy to produce the best results. Always keep in mind – the goal is fixed, the way to get there is not. So, how do you achieve the desired end result when strategy flexibility is required?

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March 15 2016

How to Develop Buyer Personas

by Khrysti Nazzaro

Effective digital advertising requires a deep understanding of your company’s target market(s). Many businesses take market demographics at face value and neglect a deeper exploration of who their audience(s) is/are and what makes them tick. Is this a realistic view of the person who is buying your products and services?

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