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May 6 2019

Microsoft Rebrands Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising

by Josh Wehniainen

In an effort to evolve within the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, Microsoft announced on Monday, April 29th, that they have changed the name of Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising. The name change was announced on Microsoft’s blog.

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July 30 2018

The Importance of Bidding on Brand Keywords

by Jill Goldstein

To bid or not to bid, that is the question…

If I had a dollar for every client who objected to, or at least questioned the reason for bidding on brand keywords, I would be one rich woman! As of late, I’ve had this conversation with a variety of clients. The main argument of course is, “why should I pay to show on my branded terms when I rank first organically?” There are many reasons why you should be in the top paid slot on the SERPs for brand searches, however today I’m going to focus on the most important one.

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October 27 2017

Don’t Forget About Bing Ads

by Jill Goldstein

As digital marketers, we’re certainly used to change. It seems like every day there’s a new Beta from Google, a new ad unit from Facebook or a new strategy that we must adopt. Through all this change, you may have missed the latest product releases from Bing.

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