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June 2 2016

How to Write Engaging Ad Copy That Stands Out

by Shelby Nousain

Good marketing is about standing out, and standing out is about doing things differently than everyone else. In the world of search engine marketing, one of the biggest opportunities to stand out is by writing engaging ad copy. Let’s take a look at one strategy for writing ad copy that stands out when you’re faced with competitors all using the same messaging.

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April 27 2016

Bing Ads Announces Callout Extensions & Review Extensions

by Jill Goldstein

Ad extensions provide a wonderful way to gain valuable real estate on the SERP’s. In addition, they can help improve click through rates (CTR) (by 10% on average), which has a direct impact on your quality scores, which can therefore help lower cost per click (CPC).

This week, Bing Ads announced two new call extensions to boost CTR and help gain trust among your potential customers. Callout Extensions and Review Extensions.

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December 1 2015

Grab Your Prospect’s Attention with Bing Ads Image Extensions

by Max Braglia

In analyzing a large quantity of paid search performance data across many different verticals, I’ve noticed that search campaigns which use ad extensions almost always outperform campaigns that don’t. Not only do ad extensions expand the physical space that your ads take, but more importantly, they offer more relevant information and an overall better experience to users, ultimately resulting in a stronger campaign performance and improved ROI.

I was really excited a few days ago when Bing Ads announced the release of image extensions in search ads. It’s interesting to note that image extensions were previously introduced and then discontinued by Google AdWords.Read More

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