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October 22 2012

Bing Ads Introduces Sitelinks Extensions

by Anne Garcia

Last month we spotted longer ad formats on Bing and now the advertising platform has introduced Sitelink Extensions to all U.S. advertisers. The search engine says that it is now available through the Bing Ads interface, their desktop tool as well as their API. Sitelink Extensions will appear on both Yahoo! And Bing search engine results pages.

Similar to Google AdWords sitelinks, advertisers can enter up to ten additional links to accompany their text ads. Sitelinks allow searchers to see more relevant and other portions of your site in addition to the landing page of your search ad. They also allow advertisers to create and update additional messaging and information within text ads.

In the past, Bing implemented Rich Ads In Search (RAIS) ads, which allowed advertisers to add image and video ads in conjunction with text ads for their branded terms. RAIS ads are a phenomenal way for advertisers to stand out at the top of the search engine results page.

To implement Sitelink Extensions to your Bing ads, go to “ad extensions” in the Campaigns tab.
Below is a screenshot of a Bing text ad with Sitelink Extensions.

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