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December 10 2015

Blogging Made Easy: Balancing Evergreen and Time-Specific Content

by Khrysti Nazzaro

Ideally your blog is newsworthy and informative. After all, most people will likely read and/or subscribe to it because you are providing insights and expertise on topics that are of high importance to their daily work or lives. Developing and maintaining your blog’s content calendar can be overwhelming. With a target goal of posting 3-4 times per week and no crystal ball to predict news or time sensitive updates well in advance, how can you be expected to succeed? The key to a well-balanced blog schedule is evergreen content.

Just as the name implies, “evergreen content” is topically relevant no matter the season or time or year and regardless of what’s happening in the news. Whether you map out your blog posts one month, three months, or longer in advance you can always count on these topics to be relevant anytime you plug them into your publishing calendar.Read More

September 23 2015

5 Ways to Repurpose Blog Content for Wider Distribution

by Lauren Owens

Given the amount of content that’s published online every day – be it on blogs, websites, or social channels – and the amount that must be created in order to keep up with demand, it can be easy to forget all of the always-relevant, “shelf stable” evergreen content you have at your disposal. This content is “old” in date only. You can easily make it new again by creating visual, share-worthy pieces for your social and other content distribution channels.

#1: Reshare Tips, Statistics and Pull Quotes on Social Media

The information buried deep in your blog posts can easily become bite-sized snacks for your social media channels.

If you don’t already have branded image templates sized for your various social channels, you should have them created. This way, you can easily re-share the tips, statistics and pull-quotes that are buried in your blog posts on social media, and re-share the link. This is a great way of driving traffic to, and creating renewed interest in your seemingly “old” content.

#2: Send Your Top Monthly Posts Out as a Newsletter

Many marketers believe that they have to create new newsletter content whole cloth. That couldn’t be further from the truth. By sharing your blog posts in your newsletter, you enable them to reach a wider audience, while reminding the individuals on your distribution list of all the great information to be found on your blog.

There are a variety of ways to include your top blog posts in a newsletter. This includes highlighting your experts, highlighting a single blog category, or a particularly strong, popular, or seasonally relevant, blog post.

#3: Turn a Blog Post into a Presentation

Similarly, you can take the information from a blog post and turn it into a PowerPoint presentation to be shared via SlideShare. If you’re going to do this, it’s important to refine the information in your blog posts so that it is at its most basic and salient. You might also want to use a free image creation tool to create images for each of your slides. This way, your presentations are easy-on-the-eyes and the information is easy to digest.

#4: Return to Your Seasonal Content Annually

Your seasonal (yet still relevant) blog content can be returned to again and again by re-sharing it via any of the above methods or creating a new blog post from the older, but still relevant information. To do this, comb through your older content each year looking for holiday-specific, or seasonally-specific, blog posts and resurface them to be shared with your followers who are likely eager for seasonal information.

#5: Give Old Information a Fresh Voice

So far we’ve talked about how you can repurpose blog content for your various distribution channels, but you can also repurpose older relevant information on your blog itself. Simply write a completely new blog post sharing much of the same information and updating it as needed. You might start by sharing new technologies or ideas and rounding the post out with the older relevant information that’s buried way back in your blog.

But, and this is important: “Fresh voice” means fresh words so don’t copy and paste. Doing so could confuse the search engines, making your “new” content look like duplicate content, which could hurt your SEO efforts.

April 16 2015

When To Consider Outsourcing Your Blog Content

by Judy Thomas

In an increasingly digital marketplace, it seems every business has jumped on the corporate blog bandwagon.

Some companies are clearly excelling at this and developing a following, and reaping the benefits of blogging. Others, for no lack of good intentions or enthusiasm, are not so successful in this space. If you are in the latter category, you are not alone.

While it’s common for companies to use their current employees for blogging, it can bring mixed results, for a couple of reasons. What these companies save using internal resources can end up costing them in terms of blog content quality, readership, respectability and results.Read More

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