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December 26 2017

How to Leverage the Power of Brand Advocates

by Serina Fignole

Now that you know “How to Identify Brand Advocates,” next up is leveraging the power of brand advocacy to grow your brand online. The key is engagement.

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December 19 2017

How to Identify Brand Advocates in Three Quick Steps

by Serina Fignole

Social media has become a staple in most marketers’ digital marketing plans. However, it is often forgotten that managing customer reviews and recommendations is just as important as posting content on social channels. This is because reviews and recommendations can convince people to make a purchase. A positive review can help build confidence in your brand and products. One way to get more positive reviews is through brand advocates.

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March 18 2015

Employee Brand Advocates: Harnessing Employee Enthusiasm to Bolster Your Brand From the Inside Out

by Judy Thomas

When you think about brand advocacy, your repeat, faithful customers who are vocal about their loyalty, probably come to mind.

But have you considered that you may be sharing a coffee machine with some of your biggest, most loyal fans? You know, the ones who live and work with your brand forty-plus hours a week, and have your logo printed across their pay check.

That’s right – many of your employees probably share your enthusiasm for what your company does and what it stands for. It’s probably what attracted them to work for your organization in the first place.   Read More

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