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May 6 2010

Google Rolls out Brand Recommendations

by Taylor Wilson

As search queries continue to evolve, so does Google’s search strategy. With searchers becoming more and more in tune with what they want and how to search to obtain the most relevant results, Google has adapted.

Google has begun testing brand recommendations in response to search queries. Users searching for items such as cameras, phones, mp3 player, printers, vacuums and many more are seeing more than the average results. Google is now displaying brand recommendations based on the above type of search queries.

(Screen Shot f Brand Recommendations Below)

Brand Recommendations

The recommended brands are listed at the top of the organic results, just below the sponsored ad results. The big brands are gaining more exposure in the Google search results than possibly ever before.

The question that advertisers and marketers will want to know is how they can get their brands to appear within these recommendations? Are they based on the size and popularity of a brand? If so, do only large brand companies have the ability to gain this exposure? That leering question has yet to have been answered by Google. It is still unclear how brands get the ability to show up in these brand recommendations or what Google’s rational is behind this new feature.

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