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May 18 2009

You Know My Name, but Do You Know My Face?

by Katherine Bennett

In the world of marketing, everyone knows that branding is a critical component of how your business is portrayed to the public. A known slogan, a catchy phrase or jingle such as “You’re in good hands with Allstate” or “Always Coca Cola” can set you apart from the competition. Included in branding one’s company is having a visual such as a logo that triggers your company name or product in someone’s, mind when they see it. Favicons are becoming increasingly popular on the internet and they will be making even more headway if Yahoo has its way.

According to Wikipedia, Favicons are “a 16×16 pixel square icon associated with a particular website or webpage.” In basic terms, it’s a mini logo that shows up before your company’s url in the address window.
This example shows Wikipeida’s Favicon,

 which is the “W” in front of their url.

Favicons can be a huge benefit, because they reinforce your brand logo when people are on your site. How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m a visual person.” Now, you can reach out even more by adding a Favicon to your website.  What’s even more exciting is what Yahoo is planning to do with Favicons in the near future.

Yahoo has started testing Favicons on sponsored search ads. Think about it, your logo right next to your search ad. Not only does this give your ad more credibility, it helps your brand stand out from the competition. According to Yahoo, “when a user searches for “Expedia,” or another search that matches your domain name, that same favicon will show up next to the URL in your ad.”

This is especially beneficial when competitors are bidding on your name.
Here’s a perfect example. Most of us have had a competitor bid on our name, in an attempt to lure away consumers who were looking for our brand or company name. Now, with Favicons, (if you’ve branded yourself correctly) a consumer will recognize your ad because of your Favicon. Even better, if you’re new to the business world and need to brand yourself, what better way to do it than having your favicon (logo) next to your ad?

I’m looking forward to Yahoo opening up Favicons on sponsored ads to the entire market. It’s a great way to brand your company and increase top of mind awareness. Just to wet your appetite. Here’s an example of a Favicon with a sponsored ad.

March 13 2009

Google it!

by Shawn Escott

Pass me a Kleenex.
Put it in the Fridge.
I need some Halls for my throat.
Can I have a Coke?
Twitter me.
Catch me on Facebook.

My guess is, you are able to understand exactly what each of these statements mean. They are simple phrases which pack a huge branding punch. When I just say the word “Kleenex”, an image pops into your mind of a tissue. How about Facebook? You’re probably thinking of social media. Branding is about creating a specific thought or emotion in a consumer’s mind, leaving a deep impression.

Here’s an interesting and fun way to see how effective branding can be. Below are some random words which are associated with a company, service or product. What do they make you think of?

French Fries
Tall Mocha
Just do it
Green Giant
The quicker picker upper.
To infinity…

Now we come to “Google”. The word “Google” itself has become an everyday household name, synonymous with search. Instead of saying, “Can you search for something on the internet?” many people just say, “Google it!” This type of branding is every Marketer’s dream come true.

Until next time, stay true to your brand, and your brand will stay true to you.

July 3 2008

Is Your Web Address Everywhere?

by MoreVisibility

I was driving home from work the other day and as luck would have it the radio station I normally listen to was playing commercials. I was interested in the commercials to see how many of the businesses advertising on the radio mention their web address. Now, I am a workaholic so I am always thinking about things like this, but more so this particular afternoon because of a conversation I had with a client right before I left the office.

We were discussing ways in which to expand their marketing initiatives by leveraging what they were already doing to advertise their business. I asked them if they put their web address in all of their offline “traditional” advertising. I was surprised to find out they rarely mention their website unless it is a pure internet marketing campaign. Sure, with their Pay per Click campaign we manage for them their website address is prominently displayed in their ads on Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines for example. But they spend advertising dollars (and large amounts I might add) on local radio and cable television. While they make an effort to provide their physical business address, the areas they service, and their main telephone number, they didn’t mention their web address. Of course, my first recommendation was to add their web address to all marketing copy no matter what the platform. Just because a potential customer is not in front of their computer while watching TV or driving their car doesn’t mean they won’t use the internet to research a company before they decide to do business with them. In fact, many studies show customers will usually go to a website after they heard an ad on the radio or saw a television ad to get more information. According to Dieringer Research Group, as reported by eMarketer, US consumers spent $137.6 billion offline after first getting product or service information online. The survey also determined that 25% of consumers have changed their opinion about one or more brands after having seen some form of online marketing. This data further suggests that getting people to your website is an important aspect of your overall marketing strategy, regardless of where you put your advertising dollars!

Let’s face it, you can only provide so much information about your company in a 30-45 second radio or television spot! Your website, on the other hand, can be a wealth of information for a potential customer and you are not limited to the time restrictions of a radio or television ad. You have their attention now…make the most of it!

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