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October 19 2010

Google Analytics Trades Site Overlay for In-Page Analytics

by Anne Garcia

Google Analytics has introduced a new feature called In-Page Analytics, which allows you to see your performance data overlaid on your homepage and various web pages as you navigate throughout your site. This new GA product is still in Beta but is available to all English users and has been designed to replace the old Site Overlay. In-Page Analytics can be accessed through the Content tab in Google Analytics.

According to Google Analytics, with In-Page Analytics you can view Clicks, Transactions, Revenue, Goal Value and any Goals that you have set up in your Analytics, based on certain links on your website. Bubbles with a percentage of clicks on the current page will appear next to each of the links on your page.

Just as you can use Advanced Segments (i.e. All Visits, Paid Search Visits, etc.) throughout the Analytics interface, you can segment your In-Page Analytics the same way. You can also apply filters for Visitor Type, Geography/Location, Campaign, Keyword, source or even Browser to get very specific on the type of analytic data you are trying to capture.

In-Page Analytics allows you to visually see your website at the same time as you view your website performance data. You are able to see what different visitor types are clicking on which products or services your company offers, and it is very user-friendly and helpful in analyzing website trends and visitor usability.

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