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April 30 2008

The Keyword, the Click-Thru, and the Conversion Rate

by MoreVisibility

Here at MoreVisibility, we partner with many companies looking for us to manage their Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns. For some clients, they have never used the internet to market their business and rely on us to develop, create, and implement a PPC strategy. For other clients, they realize the scope of their internet marketing is growing and they contract MoreVisibility to manage their PPC programs because they want to focus on their core business practices or feel they need an experienced firm to take their marketing to the next level. For the latter, which have significant PPC experience one mistake many make is identifying their top keywords. A big reason for this misconception is the lack of analytics in their program and their assumption that the keyword with the highest click-thru rate is their best keyword, is often flawed.Read More

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