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February 10 2016

Have You Noticed Differences in Impressions Between Google Search Console and its Google Analytics Integration?

by Jason Brewster

The good news is, it’s not just you! When Google Search Console was updated from Google Webmaster Tools they changed a few key concepts which we will go over.Read More

March 23 2009

Every Click Counts

by Marni Weinberg

When it comes to online marketing, generating visitors to your website is critical, however, long gone are the days when just getting a click to your website was enough. It’s not even close to sufficient anymore. With the current state of the economy, money is harder to come by than most of us have ever experienced (and hopefully will ever experience) in our lifetime. All marketers are being held accountable for where and how their advertising dollars are being spent. Therefore, the click you just paid for better be worth something!

So what did the click result in? Perhaps a whitepaper download? A brochure request? Maybe an inquiry about your product and service? Or, at best (in an ecommerce situation) an actual sale? If every click resulted in one or more of the above, online marketers would be elated. Unfortunately in some cases, it can take a whole lot of expensive clicks to generate a single “conversion”. You might be asking yourself, what exactly is a conversion? In a nutshell, a conversion equates to a favorable result that occurs when the desired action item on your site takes place.

Today, more than ever, measuring your online performance is no longer a luxury, it is an absolute necessity. Employing an analytics tool on your site to track your online advertising is the only way you will gain the knowledge to manage an effective online marketing initiative. MoreVisibility utilizes Google Analytics (GA) to track the performance of our clients’ online marketing initiatives. We were recently recognized and selected to be a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC) and are quite proud of this honor. Google has only chosen a small number of agencies to hold this title:

Our clients continue expressing an interest in learning more about GA and we have been assisting them for several years. Whether it is to code their site with the necessary java script, review their GA reports, walk them through the dashboard and interface, etc, we are here. Basically, if you have a website, you really should be tracking what’s happening on it. Where are your visitors coming from? How long are they staying once they get there? How many pages are they viewing? The list goes on and on. Money is precious and if you are being given the ability to measure and track your online performance, why wouldn’t you???

July 9 2008

Thank Goodness for Google Analytics

by MoreVisibility

“What happened, I don’t understand what’s going on?” These were the first words I heard from my co-worker one morning. “Look at the Google Analytics,” she said. As I looked at her screen I saw the Google Analytics line chart heading south and then hitting a plateau. The chart was showing that the client had consistently been at 200 clicks for the month and then the clicks had dropped down to the 100’s and stayed there for the last week of the month.

I started thinking of everything that could have caused the client’s clicks to be cut in half. We had lowered the budget because the client was trending to go over, paused keywords that the client had felt were unproductive and removed certain geo-targeted states, but nothing was able to account for the significant decrease in clicks. As I looked at the Google Analytics chart it showed that the decrease in clicks had occurred on a certain date and then the next day it had hit a plateau. Whatever had caused the decrease had remained consistent because the clicks were still in the hundreds.

We pulled the Google Analytics data from the month before and the clicks were all in the 200’s. So what caused the drop?

I keep notes on the changes I make to client’s campaigns. That way I can go back and track what worked better for a client or what had no affect. Based on Google Analytics, the changed had started on one of the last Thursdays in the month. I went back and checked my notes. I had lowered the budget, but I had also changed the keyword type from broad match to phrase match. Bingo! That’s what caused the change. I went in and changed the keywords back to broad match and sure enough the clicks went back up to 200. Whew! Thank goodness for Google Analytics. What would have happened if we didn’t utilize Google Analytics? We would probably still be trying to figure out what caused the change. Moral of the story, you should have Google Analytics or some analytics program in place, as you never know when it’s going to answer the famed questions of Why, When, What & How?

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