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September 1 2010

Google Introduces Weighted Sort

by Anne Garcia

Our friends at Google have recently launched a new sorting algorithm within Google Analytics. Now, when you sort a computed metric – like goal conversion rate, bounce rate or percentage of new visits — you can weight that sort by the number of data points.  This ranks the most interesting and actionable items higher in your sort.

Previously, if you wanted to see which keyword had the highest bounce rate, it would rank keywords with 100% bounce rates the highest, even if the keyword only had one visit. This did not lend much to analyze.

Weighted Sort

Now, however, with Weighted Sort you can see which keywords with substantial visits are giving you high bounce rates.

Weighted Sort

Weighted Sort clears up the clutter of large amounts of data and helps you make more effective decisions when dissecting campaigns. It can help you focus on what keywords or pages need to be improved to increase your campaign performance.

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