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May 15 2020

4 Tips for Rebuilding Trust Post-COVID-19

by Ashley Scharber

As local and state governments start to scale back stay-at-home orders and give the go-ahead for businesses to start reopening, a critical question businesses must prepare to answer is: How do we build trust so consumers feel safe resuming normal activities?

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May 7 2020

Auditing, Analyzing & Strategizing Your Marketing Efforts to Thrive Post COVID-19

by Marissa Dilione

With our busy lives, we are always wishing for more time to work on other projects or to spend it with loved ones. With the global pandemic and most of the workforce continuing on from home – we now have that time to spend with our loved ones, on ourselves, and for planning our marketing efforts for when the world does open back up. Now is the perfect opportunity to focus on those things we never had the chance to do before.

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May 6 2020

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Using YouTube Advertising Right Now

by Jill Goldstein

COVID-19 may have thrown a wrench in your advertising over the last few months, however, stay at home orders are beginning to lift. This means that businesses will be ramping back up and hungrier than ever to re-coup some of that lost time. Have you ever considered YouTube advertising but steered away because of cost or lack of content? Here are five reasons why NOW is the time to get those YouTube campaigns up and running.

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