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October 20 2021

The Rise of Tik Tok and its Advertising Potential

by Angelina Umbri

The popular app “TikTok” is a video-sharing social media platform that grew to fame during the Covid-19 pandemic. With more people spending time on social media, the app gained a tremendous following, especially among millennials. TikTok has created a huge fanbase for its quick videos and creative outlet. In Q1 2020, they had 315 million installs which set the record for the most out of any social media platforms in a single quarter.

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September 17 2021

Gatorade & TikTok Make a Content Marketing ‘Splash’

by Chuck Forbes

It is hard to name a more impactful sports beverage in our lifetime than Gatorade and it is also hard to name a ‘hotter’ social media platform right now, not named TikTok. These two giants embody the summer dream – stay hydrated and create cool content.

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March 5 2021

Is Blogging Right for Your Organization

by Carla Presser

To Blog or not to Blog?

That is the question many organizations are asking themselves. If your organization is considering adding a blog to their website, you may be asking yourself:

Is anyone interested in what we have to say? 

Is blogging worth it?

Is it time well spent?

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