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August 31 2022

What is a Google Core Algorithm Update?

by Ashley Scharber

Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” That’s a pretty big job, which is why Google is constantly making tweaks and adjustments to improve its search results (and the way it evaluates and ranks content).

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August 25 2022

Google Launches Helpful Content Algorithm Update

by Ashley Scharber

On August 18, Google pronounced it was unveiling a new algorithm update referred to as the “helpful content update”. This is a new sitewide ranking signal that aims to zero-in on poor quality, unhelpful content that’s created for “search engines-first.” Google mentioned that this is part of a larger push to ensure that searchers experience more original, helpful content that is written for people, not search engines.

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August 17 2022

Pop Culture and Social Media Marketing

by Aifton Coleman

Dig deep into your memory…it’s 2014 and the ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is everywhere. You couldn’t open Instagram or Twitter without seeing the challenge on your feeds. It simply took over the nation and possibly the world for a few weeks. A report from RTI International indicates that the 2014 challenge increased annual funding for research by 187 percent. Of course, this is great for the research and the association, but you may be asking yourself, “how does that help my business”?

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