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April 21 2022

What is Content Segmentation and How to Maximize It

by Andrew Wetzler

While your target audience may have some things in common, they aren’t a homogenous group. They may come from different backgrounds, represent different age demographics, and have various pain points. Ultimately, if you try to create a broad messaging strategy, you won’t be connecting with your audience in a meaningful way, especially when personalization is the new standard in marketing. The key to more targeted and successful marketing is content segmentation.

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March 30 2022

Digital Marketing Insights for Older Demographics

by Chuck Forbes

The fifty-five and older demographic is often advertised to the least or neglected all together when finalizing both paid and organic digital strategy. If this demographic truly serves your business no purpose, then naturally allocating a large number of resources doesn’t make sense. However, if they can be a part of your business model and help your sales grow, but you haven’t explored the potential of this demographic – here are further insights on why it may be worth doing.

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February 9 2022

Why it is Time to Capitalize on Personalization and Interactive Marketing

by Andrew Wetzler

There is no doubt that personalization and interactive content have become a modern standard in digital marketing. This approach opens all sorts of opportunities to leverage technology and creativity in truly imaginative ways. As a result, brand promotion has gone from a macro to a micro sale, which translates into the powerful opportunity to cater messaging to individuals in new and interactive ways.

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