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December 14 2023

Optimizing Content for Natural Language Queries

by Chuck Forbes

Voice search queries often differ from traditional text-based searches. Users tend to frame voice searches in a more conversational and natural manner. Therefore, it’s crucial to create content that aligns with how people speak. When doing this, you will likely need to focus on long-tail keywords and phrases that mimic the way your audience might verbally express their queries.

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March 21 2023

Webinar: GA4 Strategy & Setup for SEO

by Danielle Leitch

Calling all marketers! Google’s recent shift from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4 is a game-changer for site analytics tracking. With UA being sunset on July 1st, it’s time to level up your marketing strategy with GA4.

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March 1 2023

Best Practices for Writing Alt Text for Images

by Sandra Ketcham

If you’ve ever dabbled in blogging, designing a website, sending multimedia emails, or other activities that involve adding images to web pages or content, you’ve probably encountered a field for entering alt text. It’s actually pretty important for such a seemingly insignificant little box. Alt text for images serves several purposes, and there are good ways and not-so-good ways to write it. And in most instances, you should take the extra minute to fill it out when you set an image for a page.

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