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August 18 2014

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking In a Less-Than-Ideal World

by Tony Fazzini

One of the hardest parts of tracking conversions in Google AdWords is not having a unique page to use as a “conversion point.” When you don’t have a unique page, it can be difficult to determine where to place the conversion pixel. And without the conversion pixel, you’ll never know if users are taking the desired action when they come to your landing page or website.

This scenario is all-too-common if your site has limited functionality, or if your conversion occurs on a different domain. While this is never ideal, there is still a way track conversions from these pages within Google AdWords – you just have to be a little crafty.Read More

June 9 2014

Finding Value in Your Conversion Data to Improve Your Campaign Success

by Brittany Patterson

I often get the impression from e-commerce marketing managers that they are uncertain about which metrics to focus on when determining the performance of their Search Engine Marketing efforts.  The great news is that Google AdWords and MSN/ Bing both offer revenue and conversion reporting directly within the engines and this can really help to narrow your focus.Read More

April 5 2012

Now You Can See Conversions Associated to Google AdWords Ad Extensions

by Anne Garcia

So you have implemented every possible Google AdWords Ad extension from Social Extensions to Product Extensions, but have been unable to see if these add-ons are actually bringing in conversions to your site — until now. Google has added conversion tracking metrics to the Ad extensions tab of the User Interface.

To see conversions in the Ad extensions tab, select Customize Columns under the Columns drop down menu. Add these conversion metrics of your preference to your saved columns. See screen shot below.

Conversions metrics are available for the following Ad extensions: Location, Product, Social, Call, Offer and Sitelinks. Being able to see conversions associated with Ad extension clicks is a great way to see how different parts of your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad are performing.

The following screen shot shows you how many conversions resulted when a searcher used the Click-to-Call option of a PPC ad. It is interesting to see how many online conversions were made after a phone call was made.

In order to see how Ad extensions compare to your normal PPC ad, you must run a Click Type Segment report. However, in this report you will not be able to differentiate which Sitelink is performing since up four Sitelinks can be shown in one ad. Advertisers are still unable to test which Sitelink message is converting or even which message has the highest click-through rate.

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