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June 16 2017

What is Cross Domain Tracking and How do I Implement it?

by Tony Villanova

Cross Domain Tracking makes it possible for Google Analytics to connect sessions on two related sites and make it a single session.

How is this beneficial to your company? It allows you to understand how users navigate through your web properties so you’re able to see a complete user journey.

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April 19 2016

Implementing Cross Domain Tracking Via Google Tag Manager

by Grant Marlowe

A topic which generates some confusion and brings in lot of questions is cross domain tracking.

What is it?
Do I need it?
How do I set it up?

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February 24 2016

Easy Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking

by Theo Bennett

Earlier this year, we posted a walkthrough to help you deploy Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking via Google Tag Manager. (To learn more about this topic, check out our quick video which covers all the benefits of cross domain tracking in Google Analytics).

This post will cover the same topic, but instead of using Google Tag Manager, we will customize the base Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC).

As we did in out last post, let’s begin with the sample use case:

Your site links to another top level domain where some sort of conversion (sale, registration, etc.) takes place.

e.g. A visitor lands on and registers on

In this scenario and using the default version of the GATC, your conversions will all show as referrals from and the original channel data (organic, email, paid, etc.) will be lost. That makes it very hard to determine which channels, sources, keywords and campaigns are effective!Read More

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