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May 12 2015

Facebook Advertising Options & Targeting Capabilities

by Lauren Owens

Thanks to the data that Facebook has on its users, advertisers can precision-target their customers or likely customers in order to accomplish a number of objectives, including increasing visibility, driving traffic, and even increasing app downloads. If you’ve never advertised on Facebook, consider this your Facebook advertising primer. In this post, we’re talking opportunities, targeting options and best practices for advertising within Facebook.Read More

October 23 2014

Enhance the Power of Your Email Marketing Campaigns with This One Trick

by Lauren Owens

It’s digital marketing 101. When you want to reach customers who have already purchased from you, you send an email. When you want to reach new customers, you advertise.

But, what if you could enhance the power of your email marketing campaigns by using your email database to target your customers in social media?

Thanks to custom audience targeting (available in both Facebook and Twitter), you can.

Read More

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