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March 24 2016

Streamlining Data into a Single User-Friendly Interface

by Jason Brewster

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that makes almost every aspect of a user’s journey available. This is its value proposition, but it’s also one of its handicaps. Few employees in any organization have extensive training for Google Analytics, so finding the exact data to answer their everyday questions becomes vital.

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December 22 2015

Setting up Reports to Check on Your Custom Dimensions and Metrics

by Jason Brewster

The Problem

When a content site begins to use custom dimensions to track its blog more efficiently, the solution to get the data on the site is a manual one. It is clear to anyone who has relied on mostly manual processes that the chances for problems to occur will increase as you add more and more tedious minutia on your content writers (or whoever is placing the content into your CMS).

If there is a custom dimension that is supplied by your blog writers, such as blog tags or whether the post is scheduled to be promoted, then you are reliant on the person that enters the content to make sure they don’t miss a post. This can be a very aggravating process if someone is left to look through content calendars and match the results up manually with analytics or the source code.Read More

September 1 2015

Optimizely Personalization on the Horizon

by Jason Brewster

The necessity for personalization emerges as a website undergoes rounds of testing that examine the impact of different experiences on different users. It is an exciting time when a brand realizes that revenue is driven by personalization (the ability to target customers based on their individual preferences). Personalization and testing allow marketers to evolve their website into a more effective tool instead of risking time and money to build a one size fits all approach that doesn’t meet the needs and preferences of their customers.Read More

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