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October 24 2016

New Feature Release: Analytics Assistant

by Grant Marlowe

Stop what you’re doing! There is a new feature release for Google Analytics and it is simply amazing. On September 2nd, 2016 Google officially announced the release of their automated insights tool, Analytics Assistant. The logic behind this new feature is for Google Analytics to work in the background to analyze the data in your reporting views and provide to you a summary of findings based on that analysis in the form of index card style notifications. Yes, you heard that right, Google Analytics is now helping you to report on and understand your data!

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April 26 2016

Improving Cart Abandonment through Better Funnel Visualization

by Jason Brewster

Cart abandonment visualizations allow the owner of a website to deeply explore the blocks in the conversion funnel instead of a flat conversion rate. There are multiple elements within Google Analytics that will allow deep insights about their users’ conversions, but in this blog post we will explore which metrics and visualizations are optimal for understanding the user goal flow, that are simple to implement.

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April 20 2016

3 Valuable Reports in Google Analytics

by Tony Fazzini

Setting up Google Analytics is an important step in learning more about your website and how users interact with your content. While many companies set up the reporting, it often goes under-utilized or ignored which defeats the purposes of gathering all of this useful data. So what reports are valuable in Google Analytics? Following are three recommended reports that are great starting points.

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