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June 28 2018

Embedding Data Studio Reports

by Tony Villanova

Data Studio allows you to create visually appealing and interactive reports that you can share through the interface or via a link. However, sharing your new reports with a larger audience has been difficult in the past because it would take your visitors away from your website which makes for a poor user experience… until now.

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January 31 2018

Google Data Studio – Connector Lineup

by Jason Brewster

Google Data Studio has opened their platform up to the public. Developers now can build Data Studio Community Connectors for various platforms outside of the Google ecosystem. These connectors can automate hours of manual reporting and can be used to reach across dozens of different platforms.

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September 28 2017

How to Utilize Google Data Studio for SEO Reporting

by Jason Brewster

It has been said that data is the new oil, but like oil it can exist in a raw petroleum state. To transform data into insight an analyst will leverage filters, segmentation, calculation and visualization. After all of that effort, when hours of work have been invested and there is a finalized data set there, is still the need to format the presentation. Google Data Studio is an excellent tool that can be used to shrink the analytics process and make quick, beautiful, interactive dashboards with minimal effort.

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