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October 6 2016

Google Data Studio – It’s Here!

by Natalia Joyce

Analytics can be a hard concept to grasp for marketers, let alone when you are attempting to explain the inner workings of a website to a client. Your analytics team can seem like some sort of marketing geniuses (which essentially they are), being able to decipher data at the drop of a hat, and explore metrics in ways you are still trying to learn. With the release of Google Data Studio, we are able to tap into the analytics genius in all of us.

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September 28 2016

Google Announcements – Google Optimize, Data Studio, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

by Jason Brewster

Google Announcement – Free Google Optimize

Google’s introduction of the Google Analytics 360 suite in March unveiled their upcoming premium tools for enterprise clients. Today, Google announced the addition of a free version of their enterprise tool that will be built on Google Analytics, utilize advanced statistical modeling and include sophisticated targeting tools. This free tool will be a tremendous competitor to other brands like Optimizely that have removed their legacy starter plan.

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June 13 2016

Data Studio – An inside look at Google’s New Data Visualization Tool

by Grant Marlowe

The recent announcement of Google Analytics 360 Suite has created quite the buzz in the digital marketing world, and several of the products are not even ready for purchase yet! The product line will aim to satisfy many of the enterprise level needs of the digital marketing world.

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