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June 26 2014

Parental Status Targeting Now Available in Google AdWords

by Max Braglia

Late last week, Google rolled out “parental status” targeting to its AdWords advertising platform, allowing advertisers to reach users who are likely to be parents with children across the Google Display Network.
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September 11 2012

Google AdWords Releases New Demographic Category Targeting

by Anne Garcia

Google AdWords recently announced a new targeting method on the Google Display Network that allows advertisers to show ads based on certain demographic categories, such as age and gender.  Advertisers will be better equipped to refine marketing messages and reach the right audience with the right ad by enabling demographic targeting.

For example, if you are a college or university and know that your audience tends to be students under the age of 18, you can set your campaign to show mostly to that audience, rather than showing your ads to people less likely to be interested in your web site.

Demographic targeting works similarly to how interest category marketing works. If someone frequently visits sites that have a predominantly large audience of female visitors, Google may associate her browser’s cookie with the female demographic category.

Demographic targeting is now available within AdWords for 39 countries. To target users by demographic, go to the Display Network Tab within the AdWords interface and two new tabs labeled Gender and Age will be available. See screen shot below.

Google said that it is their goal is to help advertisers better connect with their audience, meaning more effective marketing campaigns for advertisers. In addition, demographic targeting will help the search engine show ads that are more relevant for their users.

August 31 2009

Blending Targeting

by Nydia Davis

When running a pay-per-click campaign, many advertisers have a specific demographic of customers they would like to reach. Selecting the appropriate demographic is not only easy but it allows you to broadcast your message to the exact audience you are trying to target. Many search engines such as Yahoo allow you to target your audience by age, location, even income level.

A blend of the basic targeting options can produce good quality traffic. Using targeting features in conjunction with a behaviorally targeted media buy could produce an enhanced volume of qualified traffic. Behavioral targeting uses information collected on a searchers web-browsing behavior. Some these behaviors include the pages they have visited and the previous searches they have made. A user’s online behavior is evaluated when displaying ads to that them.

It’s practical to believe that behavioral targeting can deliver your ads to the users who are most likely to be interested. The other forms of targeting include geography and demography (mainly age, gender, income level). Behavioral targeting can increase the impact of your ad messaging.

Yahoo recently introduced Yahoo! Retargeting in an effort to help advertisers allocate marketing dollars efficiently to their targeted audience, hence increasing the effectiveness of online advertising expenses. Yahoo! Retargeting is an online advertising platform that monitors prospects who have visited your site before and tries to bring them back by displaying your ads the next time the searcher is on a Yahoo network. This is an attempt to convert users into customers and customers into repeat buyers.

Yahoo is one of the first search engines to introduce a behavioral tool that can be used with their other targeting options within Yahoo Sponsored Search.  For more information about Yahoo’s other targeting options, read Enhancements to Yahoo’s Targeting Features.

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