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September 14 2009

It’s the Destination Not the Journey

by Sonya Wood

Have you ever done a very specific search, for example “iPhone 3g” and gotten taken somewhere that doesn’t even mention the iPhone? Many advertisers using paid search don’t realize they are not only missing a great opportunity, they could also be losing business to frustrated or impatient visitors.

Picking the right landing page is highly important in paid search advertising. If an advertiser is bidding on product specific keywords and directing traffic to those product pages, they have an opportunity to capture the buyer toward the end of the buying cycle. The visitor knows what they want, has already done the research and should be close to buying. In addition, bidding on more specific keywords will usually be cheaper than general keywords because there is less competition. Eliminate the need for your visitors to do an internal search. Pick a destination page that is relevant to what visitors are searching for and prevent visitors from leaving the site because they do not see what they are looking for.

Using Google Analytics is a great way to get insight into landing pages performance. Businesses can view top landing pages and exit pages. This is valuable because it can show where the best or worst places are to drive traffic on your site.

May 29 2009

Enhance Your Content Campaigns

by Sonya Wood

With thousands of sites on Google’s content network, your campaigns have the potential to reach millions of viewers. However are you reaching the audience you are looking for?

Enhanced Online Campaigns combine keyword-targeted along with placement-targeted campaigns. This type of campaign allows you to get more control over who sees your ads; you decide which sites your ads will be seen on and what keywords are relevant to your site. Your ads will only show when both the keyword and placement match. Target demographically, by industry or choose specific relevant sites.

By creating different ad groups, you can choose to target different sites or demographics and create specific ad copy for that ad group. For example, if you sell flowers, you might have an ad group focusing on Father’s Day and another ad group focusing on wholesale. The ad copy, keywords and placements will all be different, but all relevant to your business.

You can set custom bids for specific placements. After choosing your sites, test your campaigns then run a paid placement report. The paid placement report lets you review what sites are getting the best results. You can eliminate under performing sites and bid more for higher performing sites to maximize your ROI.

By leveraging Google’s enhanced online campaigns, you can deliver your message to a more precise audience than with a content campaign.

January 15 2009

Expand Your Reach With Google’s Content Network

by Sonya Wood

We have all heard this saying or perhaps have said it ourselves in the past couple of months, in this economy. Advertisers are looking for ways to keep their name out there without the expense of advertising.

One such option for advertisers to take advantage of is the Google content network from Google Adwords. Google’s content network is a large network of Google properties, including gmail, websites, news pages, and blogs. Sites such as,,,, just to name a very few, are all part of the network.

Google’s content network reaches 642 million or 75% of worldwide Internet users per month; more than any other property or network. The content network is a great way to expand the reach of your message or brand.

Unlike the search network, where specific keywords and search terms are designated to ads, content network ads are targeted based on user themes.  Getting started is easy. New campaigns are automatically opted into the content network so when creating campaigns, you do not need to do anything to begin advertising there. You can even target your potential customers by actually selecting websites with the most relevant content to your products or services. By running a placement report you can determine which websites are getting the best results and then optimize your campaigns by removing underperforming sites. Google also has the option to bid more for specific sites that perform better by using the placements feature. Other ad formats are accepted, such as image and video ads. The content network also allows for more creativity when it comes to ad copy. Remember that your audience is not actively seeking you, so you need to grab their attention and generate interest and excitement about your products or services.

If branding or attaining maximum traffic is one of your advertising goals, create a content campaign and test it.  With over 700 billion impressions every month, you will see that your reach is dramatically increased. Most advertisers would agree that while Google’s content network has its benefits, it is best to compliment content campaigns with search campaigns.

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