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April 3 2013

eBay Enters the Online Advertising Platform

by Anne Garcia has rebranded itself from a shopping comparison engine to an eCommerce advertising platform that will be known as the eBay Commerce Network (ECN). Advertisers with eCommerce websites will be able to create product listing ads, similar to what Google released last year with Product Listing Ads via Google Shopping.

The eBay Commerce Network says that merchants who advertise on their network can have their product listing ads available to hundreds of sites within the ECN network with one feed. ECN partners include Bing, CNET, TheFind, eBags, eBay and and other comparison shopping engines.

We recently reported new product listing ad formats on the search engine results page, which may be attributed to this announcement of the eBay Commerce Network.

There are no set up fees charged by ECN to participate and marketers will be charged in a cost-per-click (CPC) model. In addition, advertisers will have an online dashboard to monitor product listing ads as well as retail pricing.

The new eBay advertising platform is expected to be a strong competitor against Amazon and Google Shopping.

December 5 2008

Times are a changin’

by Marni Weinberg

The internet has made our lives completely different! Almost everyone has an email address or the ability to access the internet in some fashion. Children as young as 3 along with seniors as old as 100+ are utilizing the internet for a myriad of purposes. Whether it’s for fun, general knowledge, or shopping…the place to be is online! Why bother to run out to the mall when you can likely get the same gift online for a better price, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home or office?

Take Ebay for example. Ebay offers the ability to shop online for practically anything your heart desires; usually for a reduced price. Not only is there an enormous inventory, you also get to participate in the auction element that Ebay is widely known for. The auctions are enjoyable for many people and can also be educational, for kids in particular. The thrill of being the highest bidder is truly a “win win”. A win because they got to pick out what they wanted; an added win because they are learning about how the marketplace works.

With the holidays fast approaching, sites like Email Santa are getting an increase in activity and are the perfect way for kids to tell parents exactly what they want!  As a consumer, you should know that there are many online retailers who will literally stop at nothing to win your business. Take advantage of that mentality, especially given the current economy. Be a savvy online shopper! As a retailer, you should capitalize on the busiest shopping time of the year by offering as many incentives as possible!

The internet has indeed become an integral part of our daily lives. For business or pleasure, for children and adults alike, the world is at our fingertips now more than ever!

September 8 2008

The Holiday Season Has Ecommerce Retailers Seeing Green

by MoreVisibility

With the approaching holiday season many online retailers are already gearing up for record breaking sales.  Typically in the past, the day after Thanksgiving or ‘Black Friday’ was when retailers received a large portion of holiday sales; by offering bargains, sales and deals to consumers.  Online retailers seeing the potential for record sales began offering super deals online to consumers the Monday after Thanksgiving; this has become known as ‘Cyber Monday.’ According to, more than 72% of online retailers planned a promotion around Cyber Monday.

However, ecommerce retailers have also seen such a huge jump in holiday sales the second week in December.  This Monday is referred to as ‘Green Monday.’  Green Monday (coined by Ebay), marks the beginning of the busiest shopping week of online shopping; partly due shoppers who want to ensure delivery before the holiday.  According to, last year, December 10, 2007 Green Monday sales totaled over $881 million; a 33% increase from the prior year.  The number of sales for the 2008 holiday season is expected to grow even more.

Since the holiday season will be here before we know it; preparation now for online retailers is crucial for a successful holiday season.  It’s a good idea for online retailers to have an action plan ahead of time to identify what they are going to offer to drive sales. states that over 40% of holiday shoppers start their shopping in October. 

To catch early shoppers, consider free shipping or a percentage off the order; if customers purchases before a certain date. You should then tailor your online advertising efforts to reflect these special bargains.  Another idea is to create new and fresh ad copy to captivate shoppers.  Lastly, be sure to test your site to ensure complete functionality; a short test could save your holiday shopping sales. 

With so many opportunities to make this a stellar holiday season, it’s easy to see more green in your pocket!

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