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May 9 2008

Ecommerce Reporting Issue and TV Ads Integration

by MoreVisibility

I have just a couple of quick news items to pass along to you today.

First, there was a bug in the Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking that seems to have affected a handful of accounts from April 30th to May 6th. It looks like the issue is now fixed, but there may have been some serious drops in Transactions, Revenue, and other Ecommerce related metrics in your Google Analytics account for that period of time. It only appears that it was the Ecommerce section of reports that was affected — Goals, Visitors, Content, and Traffic Sources seem to have been working properly the entire time.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Google will be able to go back and fill-in the missing data that your account may not have been able to collect. However, not to worry — in the grand scheme of things, this shouldn’t have any long-term effect on any trends or averages, from an analysis standpoint.

Also, I attended a webinar on Wednesday from Google TV Ads. In this webinar, one of their slides was a TV Ads report within the AdWords sub-section of reports within the Traffic Sources section, similar to the “Audio Campaigns” report that was introduced about a month ago. So, look for this new report section to be activated within your Google Analytics accounts sometime in the very near future!

See you next week.

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