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September 18 2017

The Power of Content: How to “Earn” Your Way into People’s Lives

by Serina Fignole

When a reader decides to share your content, you have “earned” their attention, trust, and perhaps the attention of any followers or readers who might see or choose to engage with the shared content. However, they don’t call it “earned” attention for nothing!

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May 19 2014

Want Your Posts to Stand Out? You Need Images.

by Chris Naff

Content is king, everybody knows that. Therefore, marketers produce a large amount of content. And who could blame them? Search engines place a high importance on content, and perhaps more importantly, people love to consume it. So how then, can you make sure your content is noticed when everyone else is producing as much, if not more, content at the same time?

Not only must you be in the right channel for your target audience, the content you’re using to tell your story must stand out. A great way to ensure this is through the use of images.Read More

October 14 2011

MoreVisibility Twitterchat October 13

by Danielle Leitch

Social Media for StartUps, with special guest Elizabeth Thorp
Thursday October 13, 2011

MoreVisibility’s Twitterchat (#MVCHAT) took place today, October 13 with special guest Elizabeth Thorp from, a curated catalog of mom-tested hotels and travel agency.    The topics discussed included:

  • The best ways to use the social media channels to build a following
  • Measurement tools for social media
  • Poshbrood Brand Expansion plans based on audience engagement

MVCHAT is a weekly 30 minute discussion starting at 3:30 pm (EST) covering a variety of online marketing topics. Clients, advertisers, and online marketing enthusiasts are invited to participate in this rapid-fire conversation by following and including #MVCHAT in tweets. Read more about #MVCHAT in the news here.

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